Guest Comments


We Love to Hear What our Guests Have to Say!

 "Beautiful day, great trip!" 

 "First time out - awesome boat!" 

"I had a great time fishing with you and your husband.  Thank you!"

"Reeled in my first Coho with GREAT company and some help from Barbara! :-)  Thanks for the fun!! :-)"

"Pleasant week cruising and fishing."

 "Great time, awesome food.  Thank you!" "Beautiful day/great boat."

 "As good as it gets in Southeast!"

"B-E-A-Utiful 3-day trip with the best parents and most awesomest landscapes ever.  The fishing was good, too.  :-)" 

"We couldn't have asked for a better trip out.  Great people!"

 "Was a blast!  Saw lots of whales.  Great people to be with!  Funny!!"

 "Enjoyed every minute of my time with Barb and Jerry on the boat.  First time at the Derby and watching orcas!" "Beautiful boat, great weather, great company.  Can't wait to go again!" “Enjoyed every minute of my time with Barb & Jerry on the boat.   1st time at the derby and watching orcas.”

 “Perfect evening!” “Fun, fun, fun!”  “Lot of fun.” “Great!  Would have liked to do more stuff onshore.”

  “Great week, great fishing, wildlife and food.”  

 “Great time with three sons.  We had lots of Alaska boating experiences from limits on silvers, fun King fights, to losing steering and the time associated with the repairs in Hoonah.  Enjoyed the time with Jerry and Barbara who were great hosts.  Good luck with chartering.” 

Thank you! What an awesome trip!  The accommodations are extremely comfortable, the food was good and we saw lots of wildlife!”  “Absolutely awesome!  Great company, food, weather and scenery!  Whales, porpoises, seals, bears.  Thank you!”

“Beautiful boat!  Jerry & Barbara – many thanks for the delightful late afternoon/evening dinner cruise, whales near Grand Island, smooth water, good food, good company.  


 “What a wonderful trip and yummy dinner.  Thank you so much.” 

 “Beautiful boat – Good friends, good food – great trip.  Thanks.” 

 “Barbara & Jerry – Wonderful dinner, great boat trip, lovely company.  Thank you!”   

"Thanks for my first Halibut!"

"Wild Alaska on land and sea!  Wonderful experience with great people.  Thank you Barbara & Jerry for lots of good food and excitement!"

"It has been a "5 Star" experience!!"

"Our lives for adventure, good folks, food & Alaska will never be the same.  We have had such a fabulous time together with all aboard and are already thinking about how to "do it ALL over again!"  Many thanks.  :-)